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The Wedding! (St. Pirans Hospital, #9) 2.5 only because while it was 5 in getting me riled and worked up, it came with a 1 H.I first read about this couple in The Wedding of the Year , book 1 of the series and went looking for their story I was pretty confused because I thought this would be a continuation of what was clearly going to be a 2nd chance romance It took me a while to figure out that that this is actually a 3rd chance, their meeting in the first book being 2 years previous followed by a separation That mystery answered, this was set up for super angsty read, with infertility and losing a child giving extra pathos It turned out to be rage inducing A lot of excusing the H s past behaviour was just bile inducing He calls himself an emotional coward, frankly that was the least of it, he was letting himself off lightly making e PDF Epub The Wedding St Pirans Hospital, 9 Alison Roberts Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us The Last Thing Dr Megan Phillips Did Before Leaving St Piran S Was To Save The Lives Of Tiny Twins The Babies Of The Man She Loved With Whom A Future Was Impossible Now Megan S Back, Turning Single Father Josh O Hara S World On Its Head Again But Is Forgiveness Really Possible Will St Piran S Ever Really See The Wedding They Ve Been Waiting For It was a nice story but bottom line, it was just nice There wasn t huge amounts of drama to get me entranced It was so a sad novel with a HEA. This is part of a continuing saga of St Piran s hospital I believe the last one This is about Megan and Josh, both doctors They have a past that tore them apart He married some one else His marriage was not ideal They were just getting back together when his wife states that she is pregnant She leaves him In the first part of the book she helps save his twins But his wife died, no Morgan was not involved with that part She was a pediatric doctor But she leaves anyways Now it is several years later and she is back to close her grandmother place She ends up helping Josh with his twins 3.5 stars This one packed an emotional wallop as we get the ending to the story of Megan and a Josh Part of this story developed over the St Pirans miniseries We now jump two years forward and get closure for this start crossed couple Th Miniseries St Piran s HospitalCategory Home and Family Alison Roberts has a lovely writing style that got me hooked from the very beginning the characters and their conflicts are very real This romance is a fast paced, interesting, emotionally angsty read and I highly recommend it I will definitely be looking out for of her books. Estava louca para ler este livro, mas n o gostei muito Ele nunca se explica porque transou com a ex mulher e a engravidou, apesar de supostamente o casamento ter acabado e estar se relacionando com a hero na E ainda a culpa por ter ido embora para a frica ap s salvar a vida dos beb s que a ex mulher ganhou prematuramente O coitadinho se sentiu abandonado, mas e a nossa hero na como fica Ele a decepciona pela segunda vez e ainda mais que ela n o pode ter mais filhos devido a perda do beb deles anos antes.N o engoli a hist ria Dei 2 estrelas por ser uma das minhas s ries favoritas, mas na verdade n o merecia nenhuma I couldn t wait to read this book, but I didn t like much.He never explains why he had sex with his ex wife and got her pregnant, despite supposedly their marriage is over and be relationship with heroin And yet he blame her for having gone to Africa after saving the lives of babies that his ex wife gave birth prematurely.The poor guy felt abandoned and how are the

About the Author: Alison Roberts

I was born in Dunedin, New Zealand My father s medical career took us overseas when I was five, and I went to school in London for a year before moving to Washington, D.C Eventually we returned to Dunedin, where I finished school and then trained as a primary school teacher.After I married my husband, who works as a doctor, we moved to Christchurch where I worked for a time as a research technic

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