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Then Again, Maybe I Won't I think I was about ten years old when I read this book one of a Judy Blume box set I suspect my mother has yet to recover from my ensuing questions Mommy, the book I m reading has a boy in it who keeps saying that it went up Why would he be embarrassed if his ZIPPER went up Was it written wrong After my mother s commendable and surprisingly unflappable explanation, I had some serious thinkin to doI mean, I grew up without brothers, so the nitty gritty of the workings of male anatomy was an absolute mystery to me, at least up to that point.I wonder just how many o I read this for a real world book club it took about two hours to breeze through Strangely, it was published in 1971 when I would have been twelve years old, just like the boy in the story, but I never heard of it then and was only vaguely aware of the author s name until now.It struck me as a strange book The prose was pretty juvenile, with short and uncomplicated sentences Is it intended for tweens I don t know, it seems a nice I guess I m not a freak after all message might be good about then, but I didn t actually have any problems adjusting to early adolescence now, mid and late teens with rebellion, generalized maladjustment and hair trigger emotions that was trouble But at about twelve I think I was reading stuff like Christopher Johns kid s scifi Tripod Trilogy expected to be a movie in 2012 and stuff like Old Yel Then Again, Maybe I Won t is actually one of the few Judy Blume novels from the 1970s that I did not read as a teenager in the early 1980s Yes, I did in fact remember signing Then Again, Maybe I Won t out of our school library, but then returned it mostly unread because at that time of my life from about 1980 to 1984 I was just not all that interested in reading a novel any novel that had not a teenaged girl but a teenaged boy as a main character as I was personally and realistically finding the boys in my class annoyingly immature and boring and could therefore also not imagine finding Then Again, Maybe I Won t either all that relatable or readable since Tony Miglione, the main protagonist, indeed is a thirteen year old teenaged boy And in fact, I never did end up reading Then Again, Maybe I Won t until just a day or so ago, when I came across a vintage copy at my local independent bookstore and thought, well, I guess I should probably also now read Then Again, Maybe I Won t and see how Judy Blume manages to handle a main character who is male and whether her switch from a protagonist who is a teenaged she to one who is a teenaged he reads realistically and feels successful And yes indeed, in my humble opinion, with Then Again, Ah yes, my introduction to hard ons and semen I had no idea what either of them were, and they re not really explained in the book, so I was in the dark for some time Why does this guy get to masturbate while Margaret s The boy version of Are You There, God It s Me, Margaret I enjoyed this one though not as much as Margaret I never read this as a kid, but reading it as an adult makes me appreciate how much of a pioneer Judy Blume really was She s not afraid to writ This was one of the few Judy Blume books I didn t read when I was younger I guess it always seemed like a boy s book to me but a friend was going on and on about reading it when she was younger and I felt like I was missing out so I got if from the library Wasn t there an After School Special about the book too I know I m dating myself but I think Leif Garret was in it and he just always seemed like bad news maybe that was why I stayed away from the book back then too.The book is kind of like Are You There God It s me Margaret for boys Tony, the main character, is going through puberty and starts spying on the girl next door He even asks for binoculars for Christmas so he can watch her It s weird to read the book and see how it s no big deal that s he watching the girl next door undress He even tells the psychologi Blast from the past I was looking for a light read and I realized that there are a lot of books on my shelf that I bought at Second Charles last year but never read So this week I decided to read Then Again, Maybe I Won t by Judy Blume, who was always one of my favorite authors when I was a kid.This is the story of Tony Miglione, a thirteen year old boy from Jersey City His family is used to living a modest lifestyle until his father sells an invention and makes quite a bit of money The family moves to a Long Island town called Rosemont and discovers a lifestyle filled with all of life s creature comforts, and Tony likes his new life at first Who wouldn t love a nice big house and a new 10 speed bike But as his parents grow a little too comfortable with their lavish lifestyle, they change, and change isn Reading Then Again, Maybe I Won T Author Judy Blume Ls17.eu Ever Since His Dad Got Rich From An Invention And His Family Moved To A Wealthy Neighborhood On Long Island, Tony Miglione S Life Has Been Tumed Upside Down For Starters, There S His New Friend Joel, Who Shoplifts Then There S Joel S Sixteen Year Old Sister, Lisa, Who Gets Undressed Every Night Without Pulling Down Her Shades And There S Grandma, Who Won T Come Down From Her Bedroom On Top Of All His Other Worries, There Are All The Questions Tony Has About Growing Up.Why Couldn T Things Have Stayed The Same Judy Blume is J.D Salinger for the tween set Like The Catcher in the Rye, Then Again Maybe I Won t has the same elements, just a younger protagonist Exhibit A Angst and isolation it s lonely being a 13 year old boy Exhibit B obsessed with sex at least Holden Caulfield, as creepy as he was, wasn t a peeping tom Exhibit C Phoneys Lots of phoneys I always approach Judy Blume cautiously, because I know as a kid whenever I read her books, something happened that made me feel weird or gross or guilty about something Are You There God It s Me, Margaret had the word period among many, many other things Superfudge had the many realistic and cringeworthy scenes of crap Fudge torments Peter with Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great had that damn slam book Blubber is just one big story of feeling like shit and remembering every single person you ever bullied or didn t help I know I keep gushing about Judy Blume but once again she proves to be one of the best young adult novelists ever I loved that this story told from the POV of the male lead Tony is just a strong a reflection of the juinior high years as Are There God It s Me Margaret The story is a simple one a poor Italian kid s family becomes successful and moves from Jersey City to a toney neighborhood and exactly how this changes the entire s of the each person It s about being the new kid in school, figuring out puberty and esuxal urges, about class struggle and even about the whiting one s racial background.I really did care for Tony and understand his concerns and confusions as his family adjusted to their new wealth and surroundings in ways that seemed to go against their nature I loved the character of his homesick grandmother unable to cook since it would seem unseemly, the p

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