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Lady Celie IS THIS THE REAL LIFEOR IS THIS FANTASY I knew it was too soon to be over Come to me, you sexy beast. Omg, that amazing moment you re just browsing Goodreads and you run into THIS GIVE ME MY BABIESSS I CANNOT WAIT ALSO CAN MELINA FIND IT IN HER HEART TO WORK ON SOMETHING WITH PHAEDRA AND LUCIEN AS MC IN IT A novella, like this one Or a whole book, which would be better Haha. WHAT WHAT WHAT IS THIS If this is a joke I m going to cry I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW A Disgruntled Castellan, Valentien Banyon, Is Called To The Belegonian Capital As A Favour To The King To Solve A Crime A Gold Necklace Heirloom, That For Centuries Every Princess Of Belegonia Has Worn On Her Th Birthday, Has Gone Missing The King Is Determined To Find The Thief To Appease His Queen And DaughtersCastellan Banyon S Irritation Quickly Turns To Intrigue When He Discovers That At The Same Time Of The Robbery, Belegonia S Secret Prisoner Disappeared From The Palace Dungeons And That Coincidentally, Lady Celina May Of The Lumateran Flatlands Arrived At The Palace On The Very Same Nighttps Melinamarchettawordpress MARCHETTA YOU ARE SO BAD FOR MY HEART but ily WHAT IS THIS SORCERY FAINTS

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