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Station Eleven I don t know if you will like this book It s a very particular kind of book done very well, which is not remotely a promise that you will like it The jacket copy is not untrue, but it also isn t helpful Yes, this is book about the end of the world as we know it, yes, this is a book about a post apocalyptic Shakespearean troupe, yes, this is a book about a Hollywood actor s dispiriting love life But that doesn t tell you how the book feels what the experience is like reading it This is less a novel of plot and a novel of theme, a precisely painted mural of people living in extreme circumstances Some of the chapters take place after the apocalypse, and some take place before, but it doesn t change the tone the characters personal worlds are under duress in both timelines.I take back what I said about the jacket copy being true, by the way It says this book is suspenseful I think that s an unfair and incorrect descriptor for a book that Hell is the absence of the people you long for When the Georgia Flu sweeps around the world killing 99.6% of the population there were suddenly a lot of people to long for The people missing from our lives is the hardest part We mourn their loss, but we also have to mourn for the part of ourselves that is lost with each of their passings To survive is painfulCivilization in Year Twenty was an archipelago of small towns These towns had fought off ferals, buried their neighbors, lived and died and suffered together in the blood drenched years just after the collapse, survived against unspeakable odds and then only by holding together into the calm I ve met a few survivalists over the years People who are obsessed with surviving the next great catastrophe They have food, water, and weapons stockpiled Some have even went so far as to build bunkers Everyone of them has looked on me with pity when I admit that I might have a weeks worth of canned food in my house at any one time They have all kinds of scenarios mapped out that will help insure their survival They are than willing to kill people to protect what is theirs They are living for the end of the world While they are buying bullets, bottled water, and MRGs I m spending my money on fine wine, collectible books, and wonderful meals I want civilization to continue to keep me in a bubble of protection so that I can continue to spend my money on culture for the rest of my day Adult speculative fictionEven since reading The Stand by Stephen King when I was a kid, I ve had a soft spot for apocalyptic plagues that wipe out humanity Er I mean in fiction, of course Station Eleven is in that vein.The Georgia Flu sweeps across the world, killing most of humanity St John Mandel, using beautiful prose and poignant characterization, follows the lives of various survivors, tracing how their lives intersect in a group of entertainers called the Traveling Symphony The thread that connects their stories is Arthur Leander, an aging Hollywood star who on the same night that the plague began destroying civilization was trying to reboot his career when he died on stage in Toronto during King Lear We jump back and forth in time, watching how his life influenced what will happen to our band of survivors.If you re a fan of the TV series The Last Ship or books like The Stand, you may enjoy the premise and the way St John Mandel evokes a world without the trappi Of all of them there at the bar that night, the bartender was the one who survived the longest He died three weeks later on the road out of the city.on the night the world begins to end, a man has a heart attack and dies onstage while performing the lead role in king lear considering that shortly after this, the georgia flu will have killed off 99% of the population and changed the world as we know it forever, it seems unlikely that he would be remembered among so many millions dead but that s the kind of book this is the story of the people who have touched our lives in unexpected ways, an echoing world in which Hell is the absence of the people you long for, where the little things or the memories of them matter the most.arthur leander is a famous hollywood actor with three ex wives, a son he never sees, a lover, a friend who knew him when, and various people to whom he has been kind, careless, or otherwise meaningful, including a little girl who watches him die beside her onstage, and the paparazzo turned paramedic who tried to save his life A wonderful story about the resilience of people. Find all of my reviews atThe thing with the new world is it s just horrifically short on eleganceEveryone loved this book I m talking EVERYONE I have 1 yep ONE friend or person I follow on Goodreads who gave it less than 3 Stars In order to prove how much of an idiot I am and that no one should take my opinion seriously, I will super giffify this review Station Eleven begins with the story of Arthur, who passes away on stage while performing King Lear, and of Jeevan, the man who tried to resuscitate Arthur, and of Kirsten, a child actress who was also in the play and witnesses Arthur s death We then do the wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing that takes us to a dystopian future where 99.99999% of the population was eradicated by the Georgian Flu and where Kirsten is still an actress, only this time it is with the Traveling Symphony an acting musical troupe who travels the wastelands of the Canadian side of the Great Lakes performing Shakespeare Then we flippy floppy back in time to hear Arthur and Jeevan s respective life stories The author also throws in a second coming of the Lord for good measure.Everyone else talks about the crisp, beautiful writing and how they couldn t put this book down and here I sit and have to confess that it took me three days to get through it and I generally read a book a day I can agree that the story and characters were intricately woven, but my reaction to those chara I don t know why it bothers me so that I thought this book was just ok So many of my GR friends have embraced this Station Eleven and have shouted its praises from the rooftop I struggled through the first 80 pages, didn t want to throw it under the couch, but wasn t finding myself engaged Perhaps I should have quit while I was ahead but stubborn that I am, I carried on It never really got better for me but I did finish At least I won t feel left out Shakespeare is dead and I prefer him to remain so That could have been pa PDF Station Eleven By Emily St John Mandel Thomashillier.co.uk A National Book Award FinalistA PEN Faulkner Award Finalist Kirsten Raymonde Will Never Forget The Night Arthur Leander, The Famous Hollywood Actor, Had A Heart Attack On Stage During A Production Of King Lear That Was The Night When A Devastating Flu Pandemic Arrived In The City, And Within Weeks, Civilization As We Know It Came To An End Twenty Years Later, Kirsten Moves Between The Settlements Of The Altered World With A Small Troupe Of Actors And Musicians They Call Themselves The Traveling Symphony, And They Have Dedicated Themselves To Keeping The Remnants Of Art And Humanity Alive But When They Arrive In St Deborah By The Water, They Encounter A Violent Prophet Who Will Threaten The Tiny Band S Existence And As The Story Takes Off, Moving Back And Forth In Time, And Vividly Depicting Life Before And After The Pandemic, The Strange Twist Of Fate That Connects Them All Will Be Revealed. Until I someday write a longer review you never know, it could happen , I ll just say this I sat down intending to read about 50 pages tonight and wound up reading 200 I also completely forgot the world around me existed for a few hours, and that is the highest praise I can personally give any book. I wanted and expected to enjoy this novel than I did There s much that s gripping and clever but it was spoiled for me by a sloppiness in its construction, most notably an excess of half baked and obfuscating characters Was this novel rushed to cash in on the Hunger Games pandemic At times it comes across as a novel written with heart but equally it can seem sketchy and only half imagined Also should be said that it karaokes most other successful dystopian novels of recent times, most obviously, and by turns, Cloud Atlas, The Road, The Hunger Games and Dog Star Primary weakness of this novel is its characters Too many and sometimes not only incidental to the story but clumsily obtrusive The novel has as its fulcrum two events a performance of King Lear immediately before the pandemic arrives, when Arthur Leander has a fatal heart attack on stage and a dinner party when Miranda, Arthur s first wife and the creator of the Station Eleven comic, first realises her husband is betraying her The most unwanted character in the book, Jeevan is present at both of these events, first as a paparazzo, then as a training paramedic A preposterous coincidence preparing us, in some way, for the tapestry of preposterous coincidences th

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