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Fragmented Residing In The Attics Of Our Brains One Finds An Assortment Of Things Personal Baggage, Photo Albums Spilling With Childhood Memories, And Family Skeletons Harper Dawkins Has Locked And Sealed The Door To Her Personal Attic By Moving Out Of State To Attend College And Dropping All Contact With Former Friends And Family She S Even Changed Her Accent Be Normal Fit In Blend Into The Crowd It S All She S Ever Wanted But Harper S About To Discover That While You May Be Able To Divorce Yourself From Your Past, You Can T Run Away From Yourself In This Psychological, Romantic Thriller From Eliza Lentzski, Fragmented Blends High Tension With The Pursuit Of An Unlikely RomanceNow With Exclusive Alternate Ending

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    For thriller fans out there, before you click read for free or purchase the thriller element is the size of a flea The romance however, it s good Ms.Lentzski has an unique talent, I always have some minor issues with her leads but their love interests are off the charts hearts collectors What makes this love

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    I would stare at myself for a few solid minutes to see if anything had changed from the day before as if I could visibly see the first signs of my hereditary madness creeping in It was like assembling my battle armour before I stepped outside my apartment each day I actually quite enjoyed this book, my first by Ms Lent

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    I liked Fragmented better than Eliza s previous book,

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    Good writing, great characters and an interesting plot.

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    Aaaaand rant mode, activated I expected a lotfrom a book by Lentzski To give you an idea of my experience with Fragmented, here s a comparison that I think sums it up quite well you re in one of your favorite restaurants, and there s this new dish on the menu you can t wait to taste Because really, the description alone makes your taste buds tingle

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    Another fantastic book from Eliza Lentzski The flavor of this book is also very different from her other books, it s psychological suspense laced with romance The synopsis of the book didn t give away much of the plot so throughout the book I was constantly wondering what is going to happen.The story is written in Harper s voice, and intertwined with her tho

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    Ruby I ve not read a book Eliza has written, I haven t liked This would have probably gotten 5 if I hadn t read the alternate ending That just left a huge cliffhanger and no update which is a bummer because I really like these two

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    I keep vacillating on how to rate this book On one hand, I enjoyed the characters and the romantic aspect of the book Harper and Raleigh together were a joy to read and I loved the dynamic of their relationship On the other hand, the rest of the plot seemed very thrown together and neededdirection It seemed to come all at once and from all over the place I think the ending left

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    This was a good read I can honestly say that I got scared as I read Harpers thoughts on whats happening around her in the beginning Her worries were really well written In fact, the turn of events were very well written I could never guessed what would happen next to Harper Would have given 5 stars but I thought Raleigh was a tad too perfect given the fact that she had her own problems,

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    A suspenseful search for discerning reality discovering loveThis is an emotional entertaining story with characters that are so authentic they truly become like real people that live in your world Its sensitive approach believably executed plot draws you in so subtle effortless without you even realizing how committed you are A suspenseful search for discerning reality discovering loveThis is an e

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