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Glass Sword Basically MockingjayAfter I finished Red Queen , I suspected there would be a large problem with the sequel too many characters and details I was correct that I wouldn t remember them because the author just launches into the story here without as much as a previously on to refresh the audience with the story and cast This works against the story from the very beginning, because unless the reader just finished the first book, it s all a very confusing game of catch up.Adding to that confusion is a weird round of c k name games Kilorn, Cal, Cameron, Corros, Corvium, Ketha I mean, the author s head is obsessed with these sounds and it does the reader no favors in distinguishing these characters and places from one another.To further confuse you, Aveyard spends the first half of the book in action sequences that are also pretty chaotic and don t do much for the story I get that the author is a screenwriter and these scenes probably would look great on film but she needs to learn to write them for readers instead of directors As if sensing that the first half is all action, she overcorrects and spends most of the rest of the book with exposition It doesn t balance out the book it makes it a slog to read as info dump after info dump weight down the already too thin story Seriously, there s maybe only 80 pages of storyline here stretched into 440 pages As others have already said, this series gets less and less original as it goes on Glass Sword borrows heavily from the disappointing finale to the Hunger Games series I know Looking for originality in YA these days is fruitless, but one can hope, can t they And the villain, Maven, is basically Joffrey Baratheon view spoiler And Shade, the teleporter basically gets the Dobby treatment hide spoiler edit 03 14 16 After long consideration I decided to not start Glass Sword and quit this series instead the reviews released so far mention the lack of the two things I was looking forward to in GS, action and Maven, and I do not see the point of picking it up, if I ll only get disappointed Still rooting for Mare and Maven. Krev Mare Barrowov Je Rud Jako V T Iny Oby Ejn Ch Lid M Ale Nadp Irozen Schopnosti Jako St Brn , Dovede Ovl Dat Blesky, Co Je Zbra , Kterou Chce Kr Lovsk Dv R Z Skat Pod Svou Kontrolu Sice Ji Obvinili, E To V E Jen P Edst R A Je Prachsprost Podvodnice, Ale J Se Poda Uprchnout Od Mavena, Prince A P Tele, Kter Ji Zradil A Mare Zjist N Co Vskutku P Ekvapiv Ho Nen Jedin Rud , Kdo M Podobn Schopnosti.Pron Sledovan Mavenem, Z N J Se Nyn Stal Pomstychtiv Kr L, Vyr P Trat Po Rudost Brn Ch Bojovn C Ch, Aby Je Vyzvala K Souboji S Jejich Utla Ovateli Ale Nehroz Snad Mare Nebezpe , E Se Z N Stane P Esn Takov Zr Da, Kter Se Pokou Porazit Nezlom Ji V Ha Ivot , Je Je Nutn Polo It Ve Jm Nu Revoluce JUST I CANT YES This book Bless this book That ending Damn I can t even type in complete sentences after reading Glass Sword even though I just did.. Rarely, and I mean rarely do I abhor a book to its very core In an effort to give some structure to my upcoming rant, I will limit myself to the things I disliked the most The title, the writing and of course how our heroine is actually a terrible, horrible person The Title I literally cannot get over this title So much over the top symbolism but not in the way the author wanted All I took away from it was, my God How useless Anything is better than a glass sword A wooden one, a plastic one, heckeven a french bread one provides nourishment One swing of the stupid glass thing and the sword s gone and splintered itself Then you re left stepping on glass shards for the next few weekswhich is what it felt like to read this book Actually, I guess the title works Glass swords cumbersome, annoying, useless just like Mare. The Writing For the life of me, I honestly can t say what this book was about It was so bland and repetitive that I tuned out for great portionsyet, I don t think I missed a thing.The author would either A say the same thingthreetimes per sentence or B copy paste the inane catchphrases Red Dawn, Little Lightening Girl, Rise Red as the Dawn, etc I wanted to shake her I GET IT THE DAWN IS RED AND MARE HAS LIGHTENING POWERS And yet, in another three paragraphs, we are reminded just how red that dawn was and how Mare still had lightening powers.The sheer laziness of the writing really annoyed the living daylights out of me Whenever things get the least bit tough, Mare conveniently finds just the perfect person with the exact right powers to achieve insert plot point here Then side character dies Rinse and Repeat How our heroine is actually a terrible, horrible person We follow Mare and her rag tag group of middle aged superheros ran here and there as a giant X men recruitment fest.She s so full of righteous anger and rebellious spirit that she never once thinks about the implications and consequences of her actions Honestly, I couldn t be the only one who noticed how there must have been generations of powered Reds living out their lives in secrecy Well, until Mare showed up and pressed them into her armyonly to either A ruin their lives or B get them killed depending on which was convenient for the plot To top it all, she has no feelings towards the dying people other than an initial shock squeal of outrage You think I m kidding Even the other characters noticed itYou Mare feel no remorse for the deadyou can t control yourselfand yet, everyone in the book admires her bravery and strength They literally fawn over her like she s this amazing, self sacrificing, pure to the bone heroine How honestly, I want to know does no one notice that all she does is A murder people or B force them into her army.In short, this is a half star book The half is because of the sheer effort it took to come up with over 400 pages starring MareI don t know how the author did it.Audiobook CommentsListening to the bland monotone a la Amanda Dolan did this book no favors.Blog Instagram Twitter I m declaring myself TEAM MAVEN for the rest of the series I don t mean I m shipping Maven with Mare I mean I m warship ing Maven AGAINST Mare and all her allies Reds, you re going down Best,Maven and Adam THAT is a ship I can get on board with P.S Please note I do love Mare I just love chaos. You are not prepared for the awesome cackles in glee Careful, there Unavoidable spoilers from book 1Attend to your own fate, Mare Barrow And that is To rise And rise alone As I sat wallowing in self pity, speechless, angry at this cruel world, I had a revelation Victoria Aveyard enjoys being an evil mastermind She enjoys making me laugh, fall in love with countless characters at the same time and then drown into an endless puddle of my own tears And she does it with such glorious creativity that, even though my heart is breaking into shards of glass, I cannot help but applaud her every time her writing mojo blows away my mind She s done it twice already First, with Red Queen And now, with a sequel worthy of its predecessor Glass Sword Glass Sword is unputdownable If it weren t for Christmas chores and drooping eyes, I would ve read it back to back, because from the beginning you re caught in a whirlwind of action, intrigue and betrayal and you cannot shut the damned book The fast pace sets the tone, but some profound, haunting psychological echoes reframe a darker atmosphere This sequel brings the story of Red Queen to a whole other level, exploiting the divide between Reds and Silvers in a realistic manner new allegiances are made, old enemies gamble their power, queens and kings fall to their knees and some of them kneel with bleeding hearts The hunt for newbloods is on and Mare has to save as many as she can while trying to patch up the deep scars Maven carved into her soul And this is where the main big difference between these installments lays Mare The time spent with the Silvers molded her into something entirely unique Red and Silver alike, not just her blood and abilities, but her mentality as well Mare, at her core, remains the heroine we ve been introduced to in the first book She s strong She s badass She s selfish around the edges She s brave and she s cunning But she s shackled by guilt She s haunted by memories She s weaving webs of lies and she s loosing herself into an abyss of heartache and, not surprisingly, fear Who wouldn t after such treacherous events Not to mention her trust issues that, even if they resemble paranoia sometimes, are good reasonedIf I am a sword, I am a sword made of glass, and I feel myself beginning to shatter However, I adored her I had a bit of a trouble supporting her in the prequel thanks to her double faced demeanor, but now she had my unwavering respect and admiration I know some readers will feel conflicted about her occasional stumble into merciless, ruthless, vindictive and Silver like behavior, but I felt it justified, although sad And for the love of gods, she tries so hard and so much in this book to keep everyone safe, to concoct moves and countermoves, to get rid of her emotional instability, to escape Maven s shadow and to change the world a little bit To make a difference The little lightning girl is not so little any and I could not help but love her, because even though she loses a lot of fights with inner and outer demons, Mare always had the courage to battle for her beliefsI see you as you could become, no longer the lightning, but the storm The storm that will swallow the world entire Cal is also a great difference He reminded me of Celaena in so many ways Gone is the prince in his overwhelming intensity a boy with nightmares, a thirst for revenge and endless loneliness remains I think he s even lost than Mare is, because his home, his people, his whole goddamn country want him dead and he s running away from people he used to care deeply for That kind of messes with his head and it triggers subtle changes in his personality and behavior, but still I Loved Him To Bits He s tough Loyal Kickass And quite swoony a scene with him and a child had me dying of FEELSI made mistakes because of him And, he adds quietly, I made mistakes because of you Now on to the most interesting character of them all Maven He was exactly like The Darkling in Siege Storm not there but for a few sparse pages, but always there You get it or I m talking nonsense His presence was almost palpable for he is constant in our main characters thoughts and whenever he does make an appearance, he only instates his wicked, power hungry, cruel ways, making it even harder for the rest to escape his mental grasp He s strong, cold and calculated and a wonderfully nuanced complex villain I m anxious and enthusiastic at the same time for what it s to comeNo heart can ever be truly understood Not even your own I have to warn you beforehand the romance is certainly not the focus Actually, I could say that it barely survived the aftermath of book 1 You can wave the fragile love triangle goodbye With Maven not being physically present for most of the story, that leaves us with Mare and Cal and, um, well, to say that their relationship is complicated would be the understatement of the year Each of them got burned by the other and they have walls in place to maintain distance Arghh, and there s tension And wildness And desire Regrets upon regrets They still use and hurt each other But, paradoxically, they protect one another despite their past AND I JUST LOVED THAT It s no secret I shipped Mare and Cal to the moon and back, so I ll admit I devoured every scene with these two in it, especially those where they just crumble without the other nearbyhappy sigh I must keep my eyes ahead, and away from the fire of a fallen prince I must freeze my heart to the one person who insists on setting it ablaze To Maven s fans don t worry, Mare still clings to him no matter how much she tells herself not to So you see, we have a confusing, effed up mess, one deliciously agonizing Let s get to what is also known as my new favorite secondary characters Shade and Kilorn And even Farley THEY WERE ASDFGHJKL Shade especially I completely fell in love with Shade he was a great addition to the cast He s clever, easy going and just cute, not to mention that his love for his sister was awww worthy Kilorn evolved quite much I mean, I don t hate him any I love him now He s a central piece to the story and despite his uselessness he proves to be a good friend, a brave soldier and an all around great guy His friendship with Mare was awesome and my heart ached for his unreturned romantic feelings I might bless a possible Kilorn and Mare couple I might And Farley was another kickass chick I was glad we spent time with She s just, courageous and determined Plus, her fate brings a bittersweet smile on my face whenever I think about it you can t bribe me to spill the beans I have to admit there were a few flaws but not major enough to deflect my boundless love for this book The newbloods plotline develops and tons of characters are introduced, some of them memorable and some of them not The world building is not extraordinary, although we get to venture in new cities not that it ever was in RQ and the Red Guard only has a minor role in current events, keeping its enigmatic traits The mild reminiscences of Shatter Me linger, but this time they are coupled with Breaking Dawn and The Young Elites deja vus due to the expansion of the newbloods power palette Nonetheless, there are some characters that have managed to amaze me with their original abilities and I had an overall sense of badassery every time their lot became the focus I do have one slight regret though I would have liked to know each one better, because there was a gold mine of awesomeness for side stories Expect twists and turns The jaw dropping kind The clever ones The shit God no I wanna go back kind and also the yeah you are going down bitches kind These twists are part of what makes GS a thrilling sequel no one is safe, no newblood, no Red and, for once, no Silver And I CRIED A LOT THANKS TO THESE TWISTS But HOLY GODS THAT FREAKING ENDING I had tears streaming down my face because I thought the book will most likely end on a sorrowful note, you know, I expected that, but then shit just hit the fan, K BOOM, pow pow, things I didn t expect happened in a matter of a few lines and I was left crumbling on a cliffhanger that gutted me Nooo, the author just couldn t have kept me sane and I AM HERE WONDERING HOW TO FAST FORWARD MY LIFE TO GET MY HANDS ON THE NEXT BOOK, because while the last few pages killed me, the epilogue pretty much stomped on my graveLove blindsThe decision to expand this series into a four volume saga couldn t have been right, because there s no way in hell Aveyard could tie up all the loose ends we re left with in just one novel And even if she would, there are worlds to be explored Kings to be conquered Queens to be made And you don t want that exquisite potential to feel rushed Regardless, I have a feeling the dynamic will change dramatically in the third bookI am a weapon made of flesh, a sword covered in skinGlass Sword was an electrifying sequel shhh, let my pun be It was an emotional roller coaster, one careening towards an explosive final, riveting, surprising, vivid and glorious It made me cry, smile in anticipation and crave and of this enthralling universe Glass Sword is exactly what a sequel should be and I cannot wait to see what the dawn brings for these amazing characters ENJOY 3P.S This review contains quotes subject to change. And I am revealed for exactly what I am a particularly stupid fish, moving from hook to hook, never learning my lesson. This is a pretty good summary of the whole book.I know some people will not like that I tried Glass Sword after being really disappointed with Red Queen, but I ve had a lot of luck with sequels lately My dislike for first books like Cinder and The Winner s Curse turned into love for the later books in the series So I thought I d give Aveyard a second chance.No disrespect intended, but I really do struggle to understand the popularity of this series Nothing about it is particularly good or compelling YA fantasy is made up of lots of fluff, but even the lightest of romantic fantasies generally offer some excitement, some pull, even if the world building is scarce and it is heavily diluted by romance.This sequel offers nothing like that The prose is bland and the plot contains a lot of meandering between places and constant repetition Mare s narrative is tiresome and dull, going over the same thoughts about Cal, Maven and her own specialness Only the last few chapters contain any real action or story development the rest of the book shows the characters going from place to place in search of those with special abilities who can help their mission.The author is too lazy to craft thought provoking scenes and characters, only ever writing something or someone when it furthers Mare s mission Everything feels orchestrated around the super special Mare, none of the characters have their own identity or purpose, which makes it not only boring, but also turns every character into a chess piece, a stereotype, and a trope Glass Sword introduces many new characters and not a single one of them is memorable.And Mare alone cannot carry this story If, perhaps, her character had been so strong and interesting that it didn t really matter about the one dimensional other characters, then maybe this book wouldn t have been terrible But Mare is neither a likable character, nor an anti heroine that demands your sympathy anyway She s an immature, often stupid, mess.Mare blends in with a sea of forgettable fantasy heroines Even her flaws are not portrayed as such her first person narrative so self obsessed She s arrogant always concerned with her own power and mission She s selfish often forgetting her family even exist and rarely expressing emotion befitting the situation If you enjoy reading about super special heroines, stick with Throne of Glass If you d rather read about a fascinating and morally questionable anti heroine, then check out The Young Elites.For everything you could possibly be looking for, I can suggest a better book series than this one Unless you are actively seeking poor writing and boredom.The late dose of action couldn t save the book, nor could the ending that is cliffhanger than resolution It is a boring, derivative fantasy that only stands out from the crowded genre when it sits dazzling prettily on a bookshelf.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store FREAKING AVEYARD AND HER FREAKING FINALES THAT HAVE YOUR HEAD SPINNING WHAT THE ACTUAL I ll be doing a full video review for this soon I ll share the link once it s live.

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