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Mostly Void, Partially Stars Mostly Void, Partially Stars Free Download Author Joseph Fink Bandcamptomp3.co.uk From The Authors Of The New York Times Bestselling Novel Welcome To Night Vale And The Creators Of The 1 International Podcast Of The Same Name, Comes A Collection Of Episodes From Season One Of Their Hit Podcast, Featuring An Introduction By The Authors, Behind The Scenes Commentary, And Original Illustrations.In June Of 2012, The Creators Of Welcome To Night Vale Began Airing Twice Weekly Podcasts By The Anniversary Show A Year Later, The Fanbase Had Exploded, Vaulting The Podcast Into The 1 Spot On ITunes Since Then, Its Popularity Has Grown By Epic Proportions, Hitting Than 100 Million Downloads, And Night Vale Has Expanded To A Successful Live Multi Cast International Touring Stage Show And A New York Times Bestselling Novel Now The First Two Seasons Are Available As Books, Offering An Entertaining Reading Experience And A Valuable Reference Guide To Past Episodes.Mostly Void, Partially Stars Introduces Us To Night Vale, A Town In The American Southwest Where Every Conspiracy Theory Is True, And To The Strange But Friendly People Who Live There.Mostly Void, Partially Stars Features An Introduction By Creator And Co Writer Joseph Fink, Behind The Scenes Commentary And Guest Introductions By Performers From The Podcast And Notable Fans, Including Cecil Baldwin Cecil , Dylan Marron Carlos , And Kevin R Free Kevin Among Others Also Included Is The Full Script From The First Welcome To Night Vale Live Show, Condos Beautiful Illustrations By Series Artist Jessica Hayworth Accompany Each Episode.Mostly Void, Partially Stars Is An Absolute Must Have Whether You Re A Fan Of The Podcast Or Discovering For The First Time The Wonderful World Of Night Vale. Honestly, a written format of the Night Vale podcasts seemed pretty dull before I picked it up They re definitely meant to be listened to, not to be read But I found myself enjoying getting to relive every This is perfect for anyone who has just found the podcast like me as well as anyone who has been a long time listener I loved getting the brief commentary chapters before each episode and the illustrations were and added bonus Huge thanks to Harper Perennial for sending me the arcs This is the most I have ever debated with myself on a book rating, and in the end I took a coward s way out and chose the middle option This is a 5 star book This is a 1 star book I really do not know what to do with it.On one hand The entire first year of Welcome to Night Vale is contained in these pages WtNV is a phenomenal podcast about a very strange desert town where every conspiracy theory ever is just another normal day I once saw it described as Lovecraft, Stephen King and Neil Gaiman create a SIMS town, then just leave it alone for a few years and let it evolve as it will That s Night Vale It s weird and it s touching and it s glorious and it s creepy and it is never, ever boring.On the other hand This book is a script collection, and though all the basic content is here, it is missing out on the lifeblood of Night Vale the rich, soothing, voice of its narrator, community radio host Cecil Palmer Cecil, voiced by Cecil Baldwin, is the heart and soul of Night Vale, and I absolutely cannot recommend reading these scripts as an introduction to I listened to the podcast while reading and the explanations and introductions before each episode were a lot of fun to read, made it even better Welcome To Night Vale is a special thing. Hey you Yeah, you there The one whose eyes happened to come across this review are you a Welcome to Night Vale fan If not, go away This book isn t for you This is a Night Vale book for Night Vale people No, I don t care that Joseph Fink, one of the writers of Night Vale, says in his introduction that the book is for you even if you re not already a fan It s not Go away.I ll wait Looks around carefully Are all the non fans gone Good The meeting is next Thursday, on the thirteenth minute of the thirteenth hour It will last precisely thirteen seconds, then all will be known Oh dear, there seems to be some non fans still reading That won t do That won t do at all Sends a guard to escort them to the library So yeah, in terms of the book, it s great As it says on the cover description, the book contains written transcripts of the first year of the show It also contains introductions by one of the people involved usually one of the writers, sometimes voice actors that offer a lot of interesting information in regards to the creation of the episode It also features the script for the live show Condos which is a nice bonus Now some non fans may be saying, But wait, you can listen to almost all of this book for free Did you just pay money for some introductions and a few bonuses To which I respond, Why are you still here Didn t the librarians devour your soul yet A 5 5Considering this isn t an actual novel, just transcription of the first year of Welcome to Night Vale podcasts which I already knew I loved , this was a very easy 5 5 read One of my favorite parts of the book were the informational asides that preceded each episode I am a huge sucker for documentaries and behind the scenes shows I mean, growing up I was huge into VH1 s Pop Up V Review under construction My obsession, let me share it with you They are releasing the scripts for the episodes as books, so now I have a place to park some notes on the first two seasons of WTNV s community radio broadcast Right now I m just pulling together the episode descriptions, with the intent to add links to the weather and put in the proverb for each episode often my own favorite part of the show Once the book is out, I will add comments on the extras, and begin my relisten of the first two seasons of WTNV, at which point I ll add a few other notes on the episodes themselves That s the plan, anyway The books are scheduled for release September 6, 2016 In the meantime, you can listen to the podcast wherever you like to obtain podcasts, or right here.1 Pilot A new dog park opens in Night Vale Carlos, a scientist, visits and discovers some interesting things Seismic things Plus, a helpful guide to surveillance helicopter spotting.Weather These and More Than These by Joseph FinkP A friendly desert community, where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep.Perhaps you re familiar with the odd goings on in this scientifically interesting town If not, first listen to the strange disembodied voices coming from your preferred listening device, and then read this book I tried reading these podcast scripts aloud in my best James Earl Jones voice, but it is just not the same as listening to Cecil Baldwin describing the Glow Cloud, the horribly racist Apache Tracker, and the vast underground city to be found in the pin retrieval area of the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex.Plus the weather forecasts really suck in written form.But, for fans of the show, this is a treat a chance to revisit your favorite episodes, and linger over sentences that made you laugh or shiver the first time you heard them All the transcribed podcasts from the first year are here, along with commentary by the writers, plus the script of Condos, the first live Night Vale show.Next Saturday is the big lottery drawing, listeners, right out in front of city hall, and your community radio station has put together a few helpful tips for winning.The lottery is, of course, mandatory, but how can you get the best odds for drawing a blank white paper and not one of the purple I m not sure how to describe this book, but that s okay as the universe it is set in probably wouldn t want me to A collection of the transcripts of WTNV, a podcast with surreal, absurd, and at times grim and uncomfortable sense of humour one where you laugh out loud while thinking oh god , and some behind the scenes bits However, reading the scripts is not enough you have to listen to the actual podcast for the weird atmosphere to truly engulf you, chew you for a bit and then if you re lucky, spit you out I wondered what section to quote as 99% of the book is quotable, but I particularly liked this passage towards the endYou should relax It s not that there s nothing coming to get you, there s everything coming to get you But relax anyway Just on principle.Lie down and look up at the ceiling, a ceiling on which you can see nothing skittering, even though there is something skittering, there are so many skittering creatures on

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Joseph created and co writes WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE He is a writer and editor, and the co owner of Commonplace Books Awhile back he moved from California to Brooklyn Subsequently, events unfolded Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

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