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Steadfast Title SteadfastSeries True North 2Author Sarina BowenRelease date July 12, 2016Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler 4.5 Stars When I was seventeen, I thought Jude was sent to me from heaven When I was eighteen, I let him take me there When I was nineteen, he broke both my heart and my family. From the very second that Jude was introduced in Bittersweet, I knew that I needed his book There s just something about the broken and tortured heroes, and it doesn t get tortured than the man who let his addiction take away not only his freedom but the love of his life Three years ago, Jude made a mistake that cost him everything He s always been able to hide his drug addiction from his beloved Sophie, but when he crashes into a tree and sent to prison for the death of his car s passenger, all his darkest secrets tear wide open Now after serving three years, the last place Jude wants to come back to is the town where everyone knows him as an ex con, but there s not much choice for him while he gets back on his feet again So back to his father s house he goes to work in his auto shop and hopefully save up enough to get himself a second chance elsewhere My name is Jude Nickel, and I am an addict Also, I m a big fucking idiot. Sophie Haines was the love of his life Letting her go was the hardest thing he s ever done, but she was always too good for him and meant for greater things He expects Sophie to be living her dream on Broadway and not stuck with her life in shambles in their small town with a mother that s a she 5 stars Steadfast by Sarina Bowen is a new favorite of mine by her Everything Sarina Bowen writes is fantastic, she is one of those authors that never disappoints This book, though, it was especially wonderful Honestly, books that have such a focus on addiction can be hit or miss for me As with anyone who has had that touch their lives in some way or another, it can be a topic that isn t fun to read about Bowen did an incredible job with this hard to read topic Jude lost everything with one mistake Drugs led to that mistake and now that he s on the straight and narrow, he s determined to never go down that path again Still, it doesn t take away all that he lost The most important thing being the love of his life, Sophie Haines Jude is an ex con and things aren t easy for him He doesn t have the same opportunities afforded to the average joe Life is a struggle for Jude He feels alone and I can t imagine how difficult it is for him to not try to turn towards the same path he was onOne minute at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time, I kept going Sophie has lost a lot Not only did she lose Jude, she lost her brother, and with losing her brother, she essentially lost her entire family Sophie s life isn t easy, either, but she has a purpose She has direction She s getting ready to graduate college and move on with her life But now, things aren t so simple Now, Jude is back in her town and in her life Words 4.5 5 STARSAll we ever had were stolen momentsI sadly DNF the first book of this series at 56% mark and felt just awful that it didn t work out for me I am a fan of the author and gladly tried this second book and I m happy to report that it was terrific read Those who have read the first book of this series may remember Jude the ex con out who after three years of prison is hired to pick apples Jude Nickel s work at the Shipley farm is now over as the winter season is approaching Jude is still struggling with his drug addiction and his battle to remain clean With no apples to pick, our hero returns back to his hometown of Colebury where we meet his first and only love Sophie HainesWhen I was seventeen, I thought Jude was sent to me from heaven When I was eighteen, I let him take me there When I was nineteen, he broke both my heart and my familyThe story is told in dual POVS of both Jude and Sophie as they fall back into one another s orbit Their love for one another and attraction hasn t diminished even with the tragic accident and subsequent incarceration that had followed years agoOf all the things I d lost my good name, the chance to get a decent job, my carefully restored care none of them mattered as much as S 4 starsMy name is Jude Nickel, and I am an addict Also, I m a big fucking idiotDrug addict Jude lost everything when he crashed his car while high and killed his girlfriend s brother in the process Now, three years later, he s out of prison for manslaughter and he s clean After working six months at the Shipley Farm in Vermont, he returns to his hometown to live with his dad Working in his family s mechanic shop, Jude is just trying to make it through the day without relapsing.Sophie has spent the past three years struggling with her family after her brother s death Her mom is fading away and her dad becomes increasingly agitated with every passing day She still has questions from that night years ago and no one will give her answers On top of that when Jude comes back to town, it shocks her to the coreI was still angry at Jude, and I probably always would be But the strong arms holding me close took the edge off my angerSarina Bowen is one of my favorites authors, and one of the things I love most about her writing is she never delivers the same story twice Each one of her book is a unique reading experience I cannot wait to dive into, and Steadfast did not disappoint Despite loving Sarina s work, I was a bit hesitant going into a book where the hero is was a drug addict, mostly because FOUR STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author I lived for Wednesdays and Thursdays Pathetic as that was, a weekly glimpse of Sophie along with some quality time with the Shipleys kept me sane STEADFAST is the second installment in the True North series and I will say that I enjoyed this one a little than I did BITTERSWEET It definitely was very slow moving for about the first 25% of the story, which for me is entirely too long but I did end up getting into it once the pace picked up and there were some nail biting moments to spice things up a bit If you haven t read BITTERSWEET , I do believe that you can still read this as a standalone but it does help to get a little of Jude s background from the first book, and also the Shipley family are major secondary characters in this one as well.I was having second thoughts about reading this book because I wasn t a huge fan of the first one and I also do not like anything drug related in my stories They tend to make the story too depressing for me and that definitely did take place in STEADFAST Jude is back in his hometown, living above his father s garage Everywhere he looks, his past is there to haunt him The one thing from his past that brings the most pain I ve enjoyed everything I ve read by Sarina Bowen so far But this, THIS BOOK, might be my favorite out of all she s written Steadfast is an emotionally heart wrenching tale of love, addiction, and redemption All wrapped in Sarina s exquisite authorial voice I was floored by how emotionally on point this book was Addiction in romance is not a new thing Unfortunately, a lot of what I ve read in the past made me weary of this particular trope in romance They either undermine the issues that comes with addiction or they glorify it Steadfast managed to avoid those issues Jude Nickel s addiction was his undoing It destroyed not only his future but the one person who meant the world to him Sophie Haines The book starts off with Jude coming back to his hometown of Colebury after his time with the Shipleys He s now an ex con He has no job prospects except for his own father s garage Not only that, Colebury is a place that would test Jude s sobriety It is also the place where he left his heart Sophie Haines is living in a limbo ever since that devastating night three years ago Her mother is a shell of her former self and her father is still the asshole 5 Stolen Moments StarsReview Vanilla Spice BooksWhen this one was released Sarina Bowen was attacked for writing a romance novel with the hero being a drug addict I didn t get why, we read about anti heroes every day, so what was the problem here One reckless decision changed the life of a lot of people When Jude wrecked his car than three years ago he also wrecked his life and his girlfriend s and her family s After three years in prison and a summer spent working for the Shipleys he comes back to his hometown and the place where the love of his life lives.Sophie was left behind heartbroken when Jude went to prison She wrote him for a while, trying to understand and find out what happened that night when he crashed his beautiful Porsche 911 into a tree Now he is back and she knows that he is forbidden Resisting him will be tough, especially when, anger aside, old feelings some to the surface again.Jude s shame and feeling of not being worthy is always present and all this time, while reading 4.5 StarsSteadfastwas one of the best books I ve read by this author and also one of the best second chance romance I ve read in a long time What was different here from other second chance romances I ve read in the past was the fact the romance between the two main characters was a forbidden romance which I really loved Needless to say it was a very nice change At least for me The story was very addictive even if the premise is nothing newSteadfastis the second installment inTruth Northseries and tells the story of Jude, character we apparently met before in the first installment I haven t read that first installment, so trust me when I say this installment can be read as a standaloneWhatever you call it, there was an ache inside me that I longed to soothe And I moved through each day a little lost, trying to fill an empty spot in my soul But it never went awayThree years ago Jude made a mistake that changed his life irrevocably Every action has consequences and Jude paid for his sins in the worst possible way A convicted felon, he served thirty six months for drugs possession and vehicular manslaughter When his job at an orchard ends in November, Jude s only option to survive is to move back in his home town in his father s house He s not very thrilled since everyone in town knows his past and since he still remembers when he can find the drugs that stole and destroyed his life, but working in his father s auto shop is his only Download Steadfast By Sarina Bowen Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk She S The Only One Who Ever Loved Him And The Only One He Can Never Have Jude Lost Everything One Spring Day When He Crashed His Car Into An Apple Tree On The Side Of The Road A Man Is Dead, And There S No Way He Can Ever Right That Wrong He D Steer Clear Of Colebury, Vermont Forever If He Could But An Ex Con In Recovery For His Drug Addiction Can T Find A Job Just Anywhere Sophie Haines Is Stunned By His Reappearance After A Three Year Absence, The Man Who Killed Her Brother And Broke Her Heart Is Suddenly Everywhere She Turns It S Hard Not To Stare At How Much He S Changed The Bad Boy Who Used To Love Her Didn T Have Big Biceps And Sun Kissed Hair And He D Never Volunteer In The Church Kitchen No One Wants To See Sophie And Jude Back Together, Least Of All Sophie S Police Chief Father But It S A Small Town And Forbidden Love Is A Law Unto Itself.

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