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Blood Forest Original Review HereAnything set in the Roman era instantly grabs my interest I was looking forward to reading Blood Forest by Geraint Jones The first thing to say about this book is it is not for the squeamish, or if you dislike swearing Films have ratings on them and this book made me think that the same should be true for novels There were some graphic, gory scenes scattered throughout that would not be appropriate for younger readers.The story is told from the first person narrative by a soldier the reader only knows as Felix After being found at a scene of carnage, Felix is taken in by the army But he doesn t remember who he is, or how he came to be at that site in the first place.At least, that is what the characters are led to believe From the reader s perspective, we know he remembers than he is letting on But, just like his friends, we re left in the dark about what haunts him.While this is an effective technique you want to keep reading just to discover what Felix is hiding, never mind everything else it also means that I struggled to connect with the characters When you know the main character is hiding something big that terrifies him every night, it s hard to relate and connect to him.Partly due to Felix s reluctance to get to know his new comrades and partly because of their nick I so enjoyed Blood Forest I m not sure if that s the right word I admired the writing, found the story brutal, gritty, moving and surprising despite the commonly known history I literally felt by the end as if I were one with the Roman section and 17th legion, fighting bloody step by bloody step through the German forest, facing hostile rebelling tribes, and unremitting wind and rain Most books I read within days, this book took me longer I had to absorb it slowly, or become somewhat overwhelmed.The book delivers on its bloody title, the battle scenes through the German forest are convincing and from what others have said on AM I know very little about Ancient Rome accurate to the story from 9 AD Below the blood however, Geraint Jones s soldiers struggled with their loyalties to each other, to their section chief, the nobles commanding the legions, and attendant reciprocal loyalty or lack thereof The relationships between the soldiers, their Centurion, section chief, the mysterious central soldier Felix and the only truly recognizable historic character given full charac A Bloody Page Turner Mail On Sunday They Call Him Felix A Lost Soldier Without A Memory And Now A Brutal Battle To Win For Fans Of Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow, Ben Kane And Conn Iggulden, A Spectacular Debut Where Honour And Duty, Legions And Tribes Clash In Bloody, Heart Breaking Glory AD 9 Fifteen Thousand Battle Hardened Roman Legionaries Strike Deep Into Dense Forest Awaiting Them Are Deadly, Hostile Germanic Tribes In A Clearing They Find Twelve Massacred And Strung Up Legionaries.Is This A Threat, Or A Warning There Is Just One Bloodied, Broken Survivor He Has No Idea Who He Is Only That He Is A Soldier.And Now He Must Fight As The Legions Are Mercilessly Cut Down, The Nameless Soldier Joins A Small Band Of Survivors Trapped In The Forest If They Fight Together They Have A Slim Chance Of Staying Alive.But Whose Side Is The Soldier On And Is It The Right One Gives Rome S Legionaries A Contemporary Voice Brutal, Audacious And Fast Paced Anthony Riches, Author Of Empire Series Historical Fiction Written By A Real War Veteran Who Knows All There Is To Know About Blood And Bonding In Battle An Earthy And Powerful Read Sport Blood And Guts, But Also A Clever Exploration Of The Moral Ambiguity Of War And Loyalty To A Flag Mail On Sunday Most of this novel takes place among a contubernium of eight men of the Seventeenth Legion, deployed across the Rhine in not quite pacified Germania It all begins when a scrawny, naked man covered in blood is discovered lurking at the site of a horrible massacre of a Roman detachment He tells the rescuers that he doesn t remember his name or where he came from, although he is clearly desperate and on his own The cavalry commander, a charismatic allied German called Arminius, treats him kindly and dubs him Felix lucky.Unluckily for Felix, his sandals give him away as a former legionary Arminius takes him to the Roman camp, where he is assigned to a tent unit with six other soldiers dominated by the fearsome veteran Titus This tight knit group is far from pleased to have Felix thrust among them It s increasingly evident that he harbors a secret, but perhaps not one he will fully admit to himself, let alone to others.The mystery of Felix s origins takes BLOOD FOREST to a different level than most swords and shields sagas For those who are unfamiliar with events of 9 AD, I won t spoil the story by relating of the plot Suffice it to say that everything he experiences made me believe, Yes This novel by this new author, Geraint Jones, is for me an absolute stunning debut book.As a debut, this novel has been a revelation for me in a very positive way, and I hope that this author can remain this high level of writing for the immediate future and beyond.The book contains a well drawn map of the Roman Empire in c AD 9, and a superb documented structure of the Imperial Roman Legion.Storytelling is of a very superb quality, and the characters within this gripping tale come all vividly to life to make this book such an exciting and captivating read.As an ex military man this author shows greatly the human feelings and anxieties while being in a different country and in strange surroundings, and finally these same feelings and anxieties come even to the forefront when having to fight a ferocious enemy, while being frightened and being on your toes all the time.The story itself is set in the year AD 9, like Ben Kane s Eagles at War , and this story is developing mainly within the Teutoburg Forest and where our main characters will meet and fight the German host led by the traitor Arminius.The book is divided into three parts, and part one is mainly situated in and around the German town of Minden, and its from there that the adventures begin for Felix, our narrator and main character of the book, along with Centurion Pavo, his section leader Titus and fellow soldiers as there are Chickenhead, Rufus, Stumps, Moonface, Cnaeus and Micon, when they A debut novel set in the Roman Empire and fictionalises the battle between the Romans and the Germans It sounds epic It sounds amazing and it sounds bloody It was definitely bloody It is AD 9 In Northern Europe, an army is dying, and an empire is being brought to its knees.The Roman Empire is at the height of its power Rome s soldiers brutally enforce imperial rule, and its legions are the most efficient and aggressive fighting force in the world Governor Varus leads 15,000 seasoned legionnaires north to subdue the Germanic tribes To Rome, these people are savages, ripe for conquest But the Romans know little of this densely forested territory governed by fiercely independent chieftains Rome s supposed ally, Arminius, has unified the disgruntled tribes, leading the would be conquerors towards a deadly trap As the army marches deeper into enemy territory, one small band of soldiers must face the deadliest of foes, alone.The first half of this book did nothing to capture my attention at all I didn t find myself gripped by the story or the characters, which was a massive shame because the first half of the book had so much potential I think the characters didn t grip me because there were just so many of them to keep track of in the beginning and so I kept getting their nicknames all mixed up Plus, because our protagonist tells the army that he can t remember La trama di questo romanzo d esordio di Geraint Jones, veterano di guerra che ha partecipato a missioni in Iraq e Afghanistan, in realt molto semplice, in quanto ruota tutta attorno ad un singolo episodio della guerra contro le trib germaniche nel tentativo dell impero romano di sottomettere anche questa ampia regione del nord Europa.Durante l avanzata nella foresta germanica, l esercito romano formato da quindicimila legionari viene fermato da uno spettacolo alquanto macabro dodici soldati romani sono stati massacrati e impiccati solo uno sopravvissuto, interamente ricoperto di sangue e il trauma subito gli ha fatto perdere la memoria, non ricordando neppure pi il proprio nome Viene ribattezzato col nome di Felix e andr a far parte della seconda centuria, dove conoscer nuovi compagni i veterani Tito, Tronco, Luna, Rufus, Galletto e i due giovanissimi Cneo e Micone Da l in poi, tutto ci che accade narrato in prima persona da Felix stesso.Purtroppo ho trovato questo romanzo alquanto noioso e ho faticato davvero a leggerlo per tre motivi principali prima di tutto perch ripetitivo nelle scene descritte, sempre uguali a se stesse, sempre fatte di corpi macellati, budella che fuoriescono dai corpi, sangue che scorre a fiumi, parolacce che esc Story was amazing The only complaint is swearing but probably that kind of language was normal for the roman legionnaires The author was a soldier, now is also a podcaster and he swears a lot in his podcast as well So probably that kind of language is normal for soldiers from all the centuries The story focused not on the campaign in the German forest and the famous defeat but on the group of soldiers especially the one who has no name and is very mysterious I will be listening to the next book Powerful, intense novel on Teutoberg Forest Massacre, 9 AD, as told from a legionary s viewpoint, rather than the officers They are only tangential to the story, except for Arminius, who drives the action, and to a lesser extent Prefect Caeonius, whose actions bear on the protagonist, Felix, several times and whose final decision concerns the whole army Although the Teutoberg incident has been recounted several times in novel form recently, it s always interesting to see how each author tells the tale A wounded soldier is found in a grove, his companions all having met ghastly deaths at the hands of the Germans He claims to have remembered nothing beforehand Rescued, he is sent to Legion XVII as a battle casualty replacement and is given the name Felix, meaning Lucky The story concerns him and his contubernium called herein a section The novel smolders until the final conflagration battle with the Germans near a defensive wall of withy branches the Germans have erected and the shattering conclusion at the marching camp Through the novel, we get tantalizing bits of Felix s past a The trickiest reviews to write are the ones about books I have read that are already on the back foot for being a setting I am not interested in It makes it hard, because I have to work out why I am not really getting into the story Is it because I just don t like the setting in this case Roman Or is it because I just did not like the book I thought long and hard about Blood Forest while I was reading it and after I finished it In the end, this is what I came up with I am not a keen reader of Roman historical fiction, or swords and sandals if you will And yet I do read it and enjoy it if the setting is beautifully and skilfully done For example, the M.C Scott Roman historical fiction books There is some skill at times in the Blood Forest settings, but my issue was that the main setting was the squaddie comraderies I need plot and storyline than all the walking, talking, gutting, grunting, stabbing, walking, talking, sleeping, sh tting, spitting, talking Not that it isn t loved by many It

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