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Úkol přežít Barliona Virtu Ln Sv T Narvan K Prasknut Monstry, Bitvami A Samoz Ejm Hr I Miliony Hr , Kte Mohou D Lat Absolutn Cokoliv Levelovat, Bojovat Proti Sob , Str Vit Ve H E Cel Ivot A U T Si Ka D Moment St T Se Legendou Jedin , Co Tv Rci Hr M Neumo Nili, Je C Tit Fyzickou Bolest Ale Ka D Pravidlo M Svou V Jimku Pro V Zn , Kte Si Do Hry P I Li Odpykat Sv J Trest, Se Barliona Stala Osobn M Peklem Odsouzenc Se Toti Sl Va A Dra Zlato Net Kaj , Zato Vy Erp N A Bolest Jsou V Udyp Tomn Nepr Vem Uv Zn N Mahan Se Ale Odm T Vzd T I Pot , Co Skon Zav En V Dole S Mizivou Nad J Na Nik Pokud Se Chce Do Kat Konce Sv Ho Trestu, M Jedin Kol P E T

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    A short disclaimer in the beginning If you hate MMORPGs, avoid this book like plague If you have never participated in a raid, if you have never cursed your healer for not doing his job during a boss battle, if you have never thought your damage dealers cannot

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    This is the best VRMMO story i ve read, certainly better than the later books of the Alterworld series Since the vrmmo sub genre is a staple of eastern fantasy, this book blends some of better points of both western and eastern fantasy Synopsis is a guy is quasi tricked

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    This is the first RPG based book I ve read well Ready Player One is based on game play but not like this and the Alter World series I read the 2 in this series and then picked up the Alter World series In my humble opinion this is a superior series and I wait with the proverbial

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    2 stars for good potential I liked what I saw of the book but the writing style was too undeveloped to carry me very far I felt there was a lot of waste here as far as things being poorly expressed as opposed to displayed in the manner aexperienced writer would employ Eventually that bogge

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    3.5 5 4 stars B Jonathan Yen really made this book for me I was stuck in the middle of ebook but when I started to listen to the audiobook it captured my interest again I think that was due to the excellent narration.I really appreciate the creativity of the author in building such a complex game wo

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    This was my first foray into the genre of LitRPG and this quite possibly is an obvious conclusion but you d have to be a fan of RPG, World of Warcraft for instance , to enjoy this book The main character, sentenced to a prison term inside a virtual world, spends a considerable amount of time detailing his lev

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    A problem I have with most LitRPGs is that RPG mechanics are only fun in a broader context If you increase a character s strength in a game, you know the effect it will have on secondary statistics and future challenges But in a book where events just stumble forward arbitrarily, Strength increased to 11 has nomeaning

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    So I got introduced to LitRPG yeah like D D I have to say, this book got my inner nerd that loved AD D thinking on calling friends to see who was up for a session Now its been years but I already sent them a few messages and everyone want to read this book if it woke up the D D soul back up About the book Survival Quest is the f

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    Could not force myself to read past Chapter 3 One star for writing a book.

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    Marvelous read Best starting book of an litrpg novel series It s a witty yet pleasant narrator And takes us through an experience which even the most advanced mmorpg can t deliver.

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