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The Last House Guest A Reese Witherspoon X Hello Sunshine Book Club Pick And New York Times Bestseller Once Again, Megan Miranda Has Crafted The Perfect Summer Thriller Riley Sager, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Last Time I Lied The Summer After A Wealthy Young Summer Guest Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances, Her Best Friend Lives Under A Cloud Of Grief And Suspicion In This Clever, Stylish Mystery That Will Seize Readers Like A Riptide Publishers Weekly, Starred Review Featuring Dizzying Plot Twists And Multiple Surprise Endings The New York Times Book Review Littleport, Maine, Has Always Felt Like Two Separate Towns An Ideal Vacation Enclave For The Wealthy, Whose Summer Homes Line The Coastline And A Simple Harbor Community For The Year Round Residents Whose Livelihoods Rely On Service To The Visitors Typically, Fierce Friendships Never Develop Between A Local And A Summer Girl But That S Just What Happens With Visitor Sadie Loman And Littleport Resident Avery Greer Each Summer For Almost A Decade, The Girls Are Inseparable Until Sadie Is Found Dead While The Police Rule The Death A Suicide, Avery Can T Help But Feel There Are Those In The Community, Including A Local Detective And Sadie S Brother, Parker, Who Blame Her Someone Knows Than They Re Saying, And Avery Is Intent On Clearing Her Name, Before The Facts Get Twisted Against Her Another Thrilling Novel From The Bestselling Author Of All The Missing Girls And The Perfect Stranger, Megan Miranda S The Last House Guest Is A Smart, Twisty Read With A Strong Female Protagonist Determined To Make Her Own Way In The World A Riveting Read From Master Of Suspense, Megan Miranda, Mary Kubica, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Good Girl The Last House Guest Is A Smart, Twisty Read That Brilliantly Explores The Elusive Nature Of Memory And The Complexities Of Female Friendships 3.25 Stars rounded down.Twisty and Turny Sadie Loman and Avery Greer had been best friends for years when Sadie s body was found the night after a party Police suspected that she took her own life, though Avery never believed it Now, a year later, Avery has decided to search for clues to prove that someone murdered her best friend Told in two timelines, the night of the party, and the summer after, the suspects are those who attended the party Everyone who went had something to hide and you know what they say about secrets The Last House Guest is full of mystery, a web of lies and twists and turns galore Unfortunately for me, this is a novel in which there was simply way too much going on and sometimes, less is That being said, this was a quick easy read which kept my interest from the get go Having read all of Megan Miranda s novels to date, All the Missing Girls is still my favorite I am however a huge fan and can t wait to see what Ms Miranda comes up with next This was another fabulous buddy read with Ms Kaceey Thank you to Edelweiss and NetGalley, Simon and Schuster and Megan Miranda for an arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review Published on Edelweiss, NetGalley and Goodreads on 4.24.19 Will be published on on 6.18.19 3.5 stars My home is your home My life is your life.There will be no locks or secrets here. Avery Greer belongs to the small town life of Littleport, Maine and Sadie Loman belongs to the wealthy summer crowd The two communities never mixuntil Avery and Sadie Every summer the two of them are arm in armwell until the summer it happens The flashlight swung back, and that was when I saw them, a glint caught in the beam of light I felt the earth tilting. She leaves behind a cryptic note that the police use as evidence for suicide.But nobody knows Sadie like Avery, and Avery is convinced something is afoot A close knit family holds secrets.A small town can still hide untold horrors But I knew how fast a spiral could grab you, how far the surface could seem from below. No one is looking for anything any and Avery senses that the answers are there,lurking just below the surface. There are things even you don t know.I can t do this any.Remember me. This one was interesting but it lacked a little pizzazz for my taste The mystery was there but it unfurled so slowly and had such little clues that it was a bit difficult to keep invested in the novel for the first half Once the clues started really coming in, the book definitely picked up and I became invested And I did like how I never know where the mystery was going, and that twists and turns kept things interesting towards the end.I did like the main character and her desire to find out what truly happened to Sadiehowever Sadie was my favorite characterand she was dead the entire book Which, I suppose worked in the book s favor because I became so invested in figuring out who killed of my fave person.Overall, this was a good book but it needed some sparkle With thanks to the author and publisher for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review.All quotes come from an uncorrected proof and are subject to change upon publicationYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat miranda.reads Happy Reading This is my second book by the author and I have to say she s great at creating small town with lots of secrets It was a very quick and easy beach read even happens in a beach town Compelling enough to finish it but not enough that you ll skip on your vacation to stay in your room to read it.It s also probably one of the best covers I ve seen this year The colors, the view through the window and the 3D rain drops were a nice touch With that said, I did feel like the characters were quick to confess every details to each other and most of the twists were easy to see coming a few pages before the main character figured them out.I would recommend if you re looking for a quick fun summer read I ve known enough of loss to accept that grief may lose its sharpness with time, but memory only tightens Moments replay. A few years back, Megan Miranda s story told in reverse, All the Missing Girls, found me so impressed I scrambled to secure a treasured copy of my very own Meaning, I went out of my way to track down a personalized signed copy from one of her book tour stops That hardcover now owns a rare piece of real estate among my collection of greats I only mention this tidbit because it lends credibility to my expectations and subsequent disappointment with her recent work With two of Miranda s releases since ATMG, The Perfect Stranger and now The Last House Guest, I ve gone in hoping she would somehow emulate my initial experience with her storytelling That the literary journey I was preparing to embark on would prove to be something other than typical Maybe even memorable Now, after two bouts of mediocre reading, it s clear that s probably never going to happen My reasoning behind that thought 1 it s a very real possibility that I built ATMG up to be something than it actually was, 2 my pickiness is at an all time high as of late, and 3 chances are my newly acquired skepticism won t allow me to give her work another shot.In all fairness, The Last House Guest starts off with immense promise Miranda builds anticipation with her writing wizardry, piecing together thoughts and passages in an interesting way Attention grabbing some might even say Although, I have to admit, the pages I turned, the my interest dwindled The blah happenings, uninspired cast, and messy timeline worked against the author s style, muting the overall impact of her sentence structures.And that right there the blah is my biggest gripe with this novel The author relies heavily on her scattered timeline to put a fresh spin on what s become a tired narrative running rampant through the genre Unfortunately, it s not only the mystery itself that s less than impressive, but also the cast Miranda employs to tell it Talk about an undeserving bunch There s no depth or redeeming qualities to cling to Not one single person over the course of 341 pages convinced me to care.Turns out, for this reader, the best part of the entire book was the setting The Last House Guest welcomes readers to a picturesque town along the coast of Maine a harbor community that thrives from Memorial to Labor Day And for those locals and visitors lucky enough to garner an invite, the Plus One party promises the perfect boozy salute to the summer season Miranda deploys the old time has passed since the death of insert person here , let s take a fresh look and see if we can figure out what really happened, eh scenario This particular case involving the poor townie and reformed bad girl, Avery, trying her hand at detective work Piecing together memories of that fateful night her seasonal rich girl bestie failed to make it to the Plus One party Choosing to forgo the celebration, Sadie says goodbye to the world along a rocky shore As the one year anniversary beckons, nagging thoughts force Avery to think twice about the suicide label attached to Sadie s demise The run of the mill plot helped along by a series of coincidences, resurfacing memories, and an oddball interaction or two And the ending, not completely obvious or horrible, per se I d go with unremarkable insteadThanks to Simon Schuster for providing an advanced copy.

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