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The Cost of Honor He Gave Up Everything To Escape His Family The Only Male To Be Adopted Into The Notorious Parish Family, Tony Parish Always Did Right By His Vigilante Sisters But When An Attempt To Protect One Of Them Went Horribly Wrong, He Had To Fake His Own Death To Escape His Fanatical Family Tony Set Sail And Ended Up In Dominica Face To Face With The Woman Of His Dreams Now He Must Give Up Honor To Save Her After The Death Of Her Mother, Honor Silva Moved To Dominica, Where Her Family Could Help Her Heal And Move On But Her Activist Mother Left Her Than Money, She Left Her Proof That Could Take Down One Of The Richest And Most Powerful Men In The WorldTony Gave Up Everything He Thought He Knew When He Fled His Family But When A Threat Too Dangerous For Tony And Honor To Fight On Their Own Closes In, He Has No Choice But To Go To Them For Help Problem Is, They Ll Demand Something In Return Something That Could Cost Tony Not Just Honor, But Also The Love That Changed Him Forever

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    I ve given this a D at AAR.The Cost of Honor is book three in Diana Mu oz Stewart s Black Ops Confidential series about a group of adoptive siblings twenty eight in total, all but two of them female who were adopted by one of the world s wealthiest women and trained in badassery to be war

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    As I progress through this series, I realize that I really enjoy the individual and paired characters, but I m less enchanted with the organization behind everything.It starts off with Laz the Sailor how cool is that He s running and hiding by sailing around the Caribbean He stays in one port one d

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    First thoughts I think this might be the best book in the series This is Tony s redemption After breaking all the rules during the op in Mexico while trying to save Justice from herself, Tony faked his own death and went into hiding Honor is a chocolate maker and innkeeper on a Carribean island Why would her

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    I liked the time that Honor and Tony got to know each other, or at least as much as Tony let Honor get to know him I liked that right away Tony seemed to recognize something sinister was going on in Honor s life and jumped in to help And as much as I liked the two of them working things out I missed the larger group a

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    Originally published at Reading RealityThrough a certain lens, all three of this week s books are wrapped around the question about whether the ends justify the means and who gets to make that decision.The way that this is worked out in The Cost of Honor, and in the entire Black Ops Confidential series, makes this both a harder

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    The Cost of Honor Black Ops Confidential 3 by Diana Munoz Stewart4.5 starsM F RomanceTriggers Murder, Pedophilia, Stalking, Experimental medical procedureI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.This is Tony s story I was excited to see his story because he was always trying to get everyone to follow the rules But, when

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    The Cost of Honor is my favorite book in the Black Ops Confidential series It is suspenseful, exciting, and a page turner I thought Diana Munoz Stewart created two interesting characters, Honor and Tony, that are mysterious and enjoyable to read about As I started reading the story, it was easy to get engaged with the story The author went straigh

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    Another intoxicating read, The Cost of Honor combines a heroine as sweet as her chocolatey passions though not without some spice as well with a bruised and battered hero on the run from his vigilante family Just like previous books in this series, Cost combines steamy romantic interludes with fast paced action sequences and a mystery that will make readers

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    The Cost of Honor by Diana Munoz Stewart is book 3 of Black Ops Confidential series The series is about a group of adoptive siblings twenty eight in total, all but two of them female who were adopted by one of the world s wealthiest women and trained to be warriors in her social justice crusade The Coast of Honor follows Tony one of the two male members of the family

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    The only male to be adopted into the notorious Parish family, Tony Parish always did right by his vigilante sisters But when an attempt to protect one of them went horribly wrong, he had to fake his own death to escape his fanatical family Tony set sail and ended up in Dominica face to face with the woman of his dreams After the death of her mother, Honor Silva moved to Domini

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