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The Burning God The Exciting End To The Poppy War Trilogy, R F Kuang S Acclaimed, Award Winning Epic Fantasy That Combines The History Of Twentieth Century China With A Gripping World Of Gods And Monsters, To Devastating, Enthralling EffectAfter Saving Her Nation Of Nikan From Foreign Invaders And Battling The Evil Empress Su Daji In A Brutal Civil War, Fang Runin Was Betrayed By Allies And Left For Dead Despite Her Losses, Rin Hasn T Given Up On Those For Whom She Has Sacrificed So Much The People Of The Southern Provinces And Especially Tikany, The Village That Is Her Home Returning To Her Roots, Rin Meets Difficult Challenges And Unexpected Opportunities While Her New Allies In The Southern Coalition Leadership Are Sly And Untrustworthy, Rin Quickly Realizes That The Real Power In Nikan Lies With The Millions Of Common People Who Thirst For Vengeance And Revere Her As A Goddess Of Salvation Backed By The Masses And Her Southern Army, Rin Will Use Every Weapon To Defeat The Dragon Republic, The Colonizing Hesperians, And All Who Threaten The Shamanic Arts And Their Practitioners As Her Power And Influence Grows, Though, Will She Be Strong Enough To Resist The Phoenix S Intoxicating Voice Urging Her To Burn The World And Everything In It

About the Author: R.F. Kuang

Hello I use Goodreads to support books I really loved I don t review or even always finish books I don t like so it s mostly 5 star ratings here I don t check GR very often so I don t respond to friend requests or messages If you d like to get in touch, find me on Twitter or at my author website thanks

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    ARC provided by the publisher Harper Voyager in exchange for an honest review.Bursting with violence, devastation, death, and profound emotions The Burning God is by far the best book R.F Kuang has written in her career so farHere s a prophecy for you, she d said One will die One will rule And one will sleep for eternity My claim

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    I worked harder than I ever have before to pull off the ending I m heartbroken to say goodbye I m so proud of how far I ve come in my storytelling abilities I really do believe TBG is the best thing I ve ever written, and I hope you think so too I can t wait to share this book with you all in November.

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    Update 12QUEEN RIN IN ACTIONUpdate 11 Not a single person I ve seen online or anywhere has correctly predicted how it s going to end she notes, and I think I m really happy with the ending, I think it s going to be very satisfying I didn t take any easy ways out and there are no happy endings, obviously, but it s not super pessimistic and tragic eit

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    update I did it for Fang Runintempted to make a please step on me gr shelf but it only has this trilogy on it update I did it for Fang Runintempted to make a please step on me gr shelf but it only has this trilogy on it

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    me hasn t even read the second one yetalso me OHHHH MY GOD THERE S GONNA BE A THIRD BOOK update 24 11 19 IT HAS A TITLE WHY AM I RANDOMLY SEEING THIS oof it sounds so good and i m so hyped for this, i can t believe.

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    lmao i can t stop thinking about how long its going to be before i get to read this rip my sanity

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    Rin looks like she came to end the Pandemic Very excited for this one.

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    I need it like I need air I hope it s 2000 pages long.

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    A truly epic and satisfying conclusion to a masterful trilogy Dark, gritty, and honestly a little hard to read sometimes because wow, that s dark But the prose was effortless the 600 pages fly by and it was great to see a lot of these characters back together again and their stories at an end So many threads are tied up nicely and that finale, while difficult, felt like the right one Start with Book 1

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    gotta wait all the way until NOVEMBER 2020 for this but oh my goddd I m ready I want it to be a thousand pages long

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