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An Impartial Witness It Is Early Summer 1917 Bess Crawford Has Returned To England From The Trenches Of France With A Convoy Of Severely Wounded Men One Of Her Patients Is A Young Pilot Who Has Been Burned Beyond Recognition, And Who Clings To Life And The Photo Of His Wife Pinned To His Tunic.While Passing Through A London Train Station, Bess Notices A Woman Bidding An Emotional Farewell To An Officer, Her Grief Heart Wrenching And Then Bess Realizes That She Seems Familiar In Fact, She S The Woman In The Pilot S Photo, But The Man She Is Seeing Off Is Not Her Husband.Back On Duty In France, Bess Discovers A Newspaper With A Drawing Of The Woman S Face On The Front Page Accompanying The Drawing Is A Plea From Scotland Yard Seeking Information From Anyone Who Has Seen Her For It Appears That The Woman Was Murdered On The Very Day Bess Encountered Her At The Station.Granted Leave To Speak With Scotland Yard, Bess Becomes Entangled In The Case Though An Arrest Is Made, She Must Delve Into The Depths Of Her Very Soul To Decide If The Police Will Hang An Innocent Man Or A Vicious Killer Exposing The Truth Is Dangerous And Will Put Her Own Life On The Line.

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    I m having a little trouble with the conceit of this series A young woman goes around asking questions that are none of her business of people, who are sometimes hostile to the investigation, who answer those questions even against their own interests I don t recall that other mystery series I read centered around amateur sleuths have protagonists who are quite this confrontational And it seems odd

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    An Impartial Witness is the sequel to A duty to the Dead and I was eager to read this book since this series has become a favorite of mine It s the early summer of 1917 and Bess Crawford is returning home from the trenches of France with a convoy of wounded men One of the patients is Lt Meriwether Evanson, a pilot who has been burned beyond recognition and he clings to life much thanks to h

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    I think Bess and I are going to have to part ways Mysteries were my first love starting with Nancy Drew then the Grande Dame of all, Agatha Christie, as well as Patricia Wentworth and than a few American mystery writers Elizabeth Peters, Margaret Maron, Louise Penny, Martha Grimes and the list goes on.Unlike some contemporary fiction, with a mystery you have a beginning, a middle and an end as well as a resolution wh

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    An Impartial Witness3.5 StarsCombat nurse Bess Crawford accompanies a convoy of wounded men home to England While passing through a train station on her return to the front, she observes a young woman bidding a tearful farewell to a soldier and recognizes her as the wife of one of her patients When the woman is later found murdered, Bess feels compelled to contact Scotland Yard and finds herself drawn into a convoluted case tha

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    I like this series, review lost in Shelfari Import

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    I started Maisie Dobbs, but the library I m at the most doesn t have the second book I remembered that Jess had recommended the Bess Crawford books recently, so I picked up the first one.In general, I like historical mysteries, so these two had that going for them from the beginning Also, I ve been a bit passionate about WWI since high school, when we read the war poets The Bess Crawford books, so far, take place during the war rather than after i

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    I ve been on a historical ish kick for the past few weeks and every non historical book hasn t clicked the best with me But now, I feel as if I can go back to contemporary books This book was a very good sopho in what seems to be an excellent series.I loved the MC, Bess, she was everything I look for in a MC I also liked that the author s featured of Simon in this book He s extremely mysterious and I d love to learn about him Her parents were also wonderf

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    Actually about a 3.5.

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    I ve been reading a fair amount about World War I in the past several months, everything from All Quiet on the Western Front to John Keegan s The First World War which I m finding slow going and haven t finished yet I ve also watched some films such as A Farewell to Arms with Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes and Passchendaele, and of course I ve continued to read some of the mysteries set in WWI and its aftermath, by authors such as Jacqueline Winspear, Carola Dunn, Anne Perry, and

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    I didn t like it, but i didn t hate it either, so I didn t feel able to give it a single star.For me, the problem with this book is that I just didn t care I didn t like any of the characters to the extent that they re even developed , and I didn t care abut the plot, which had nothing new to offer Bess is an arrogant brat her interference is explained to the reader as an over developed sense of duty blamed on her military father , but for me it just comes across as arrogance Bess must

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