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Gotrek Felix Return To The City Of Nuln To Lie Low And Gain Some Steady Employment Being A Sewer Jack Would Seem To Be Fairly Mnudane Work Until The Skaven Raise Their Furry Heads The Maze Of Sewers Provides A Perfect Staging Post For The Foul Chaos Rat Men, As They Seek To Overwhelm The City Luckily There Are Two People Below Ground Who Like A Good Fight. Skavenslayer (Gotrek & Felix, #2)

About the Author: William King

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Skavenslayer (Gotrek & Felix, #2) book, this is one of the most wanted William King author readers around the world.

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    Thud and blunder in the best possible sense of the term.As in the previous volume Trollslayer , this is structured as a collection of longish short stories unlike in Trollslayer, there s a much stronger linkage between the stories.After the events of the previous books, our heroes Gotrek Gurnisson, trollslayer at large, and his traveling companion amanuensis Felix Jaeger excerpts from whose book form the

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    This was the first Warhammer book I ve read I ve heard from most people that play Warhammer that the books are pretty hit or miss, but since this is my first I don t really have a good field of reference Regardless I enjoyed this, so either this was a hit or the books are better than the picky nerds make them out to be.The writing style took a bit to get used to Every few pages, and towards the end of t...

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    Perfektn oddychov fantasy jednohubka iadne zbyto n keci, len akcia akcia a akcia.

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    Skavenslayer is far better than Gotrek and Felix s previous adventure, Trollslayer Where Trollslayer sped through multiple adventures way to fast for my liking, Skavenslayer focuses on a single, very detailed adventure, and brilliantly captures the races of man and skaven.Gotrek and Felix are some of my favorite characters in fantasy literature Take a fearless dwarf seeking death at the most powerful enemy, and a

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    Memorable quote Two babies with one bludgeon This book essentially centres on the adventure of Felix and Gotrek in the city of Nuln The book is divided into 3,4 chapters, each one describes an encounter with the Shaven The final chapter is about the siege of Nuln, which is the cumulation of all previous chapters.I also like how the King depicts the Shaven They are evil and cunning enough to induce great atrocities, b

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    No hay mucho que rese ar en este libro Gotrek un enano especialista en matar criaturas de todo tipo y F lix un noble que se hace pasar por pobre pasan el rato en la ciudad de Nuln mientras esta es atacada en diversas ocasiones por las distintas facciones clanes de los temibles m s bien risibles y cobardes Skaven Una y otra vez stos intentan atacar la ciudad y desatar el caos, buscando el beneficio personal, y una y otra

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    Second book of the series, this one, like the previous one, is strongly episodic in nature It has a stronger unifying theme than Trollslayer, that being the Skavens plotting to topple the city the main characters have taken residence in.The Skavens constitute a peculiar shift in the standard doom gloom tone of the Warhammer setting the are silly, paranoid...

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    Skavenslayer is definitely an improvement on the fragmented Trollslayer The structure is similar, with each chapter controlling the plot in a very linear fashion where each chapter sets up a villain to be dispatched, it s scenario by numbers akin to a roleplaying game The characters are still rather two dimensional and the action is to the point and little...

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    Easily the best book in the series Introduces Gotrek and Felix s annual nemesis, and really gets the series kicked off, leading to all the great adventures and characters they will meet going forward As opposed to Trollslaye...

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    2.5 starsold school, Old World, Warhammer Fantasy I read it in my youth while RPG ing Warhammer Fantasy and loved picking up immersive novels for the setting It s a different experience picking up the novels again as an adult when many years ha...

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