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Gotrek Felix Return To The City Of Nuln To Lie Low And Gain Some Steady Employment Being A Sewer Jack Would Seem To Be Fairly Mnudane Work Until The Skaven Raise Their Furry Heads The Maze Of Sewers Provides A Perfect Staging Post For The Foul Chaos Rat Men, As They Seek To Overwhelm The City Luckily There Are Two People Below Ground Who Like A Good Fight Skavenslayer

About the Author: William King

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    Thud and blunder in the best possible sense of the term.As in the previous volume Trollslayer , this is structured as a collection of longish short stories unlike in Trollslayer, there s a much stronger linkage between the stories.After the events of the previous book, our heroes Gotrek Gurnisson, trollslayer at large, and his traveling companion amanuensis Felix Jaeger excerpts from whose book form the h

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    Book two of the Gotrek and Felix series continues with our heroes trying to eke out a living in the great merchant city of Nuln Much like the first book, Skavenslayer comprises of a series of short stories This time, however, each story revolves around a central narrative concerning the titular Skaven, a race of cunning ratmen, and their efforts to conquer the city I enjoyed Skavenslayer muchthan the first b

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    This was the first Warhammer book I ve read I ve heard from most people that play Warhammer that the books are pretty hit or miss, but since this is my first I don t really have a good field of reference Regardless I enjoyed this, so either this was a hit or the books are better than the picky nerds make them out to be.The writing style took a bit to get used to Every few pages, and towards the end of the book

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    This book is the worst thing I ve read in quite a long time The story is told in a series of episodes Feels like it may have originally been published in a magazine or something in which the nefarious rat man Skaven try various plots to invade the generic fantasy city of Nuln and are repelled with minimal effort.I m told that the heroes arefun if you read the first book in the series, and I admit, I haven t Gotrek

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    Skavenslayer is far better than Gotrek and Felix s previous adventure, Trollslayer Where Trollslayer sped through multiple adventures way to fast for my liking, Skavenslayer focuses on a single, very detailed adventure, and brilliantly captures the races of man and skaven.Gotrek and Felix are some of my favorite characters in fantasy literature Take a fearless dwarf seeking death at the most powerful enemy, and a les

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    The main problem with this book is it s just not that good I picked this up purely for the skaven content, which did not disappoint, and the maniacal mindset of the skaven characters hides all of King s writing weaknesses Who cares how cohesive the plot and structure are They re diseased, mutated, mad rats I ll forgive a multitude of writing sins if it means getting to read the ratmen s dialogue and ridiculous schemes T

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    Memorable quote Two babies with one bludgeon This book essentially centres on the adventure of Felix and Gotrek in the city of Nuln The book is divided into 3,4 chapters, each one describes an encounter with the Shaven The final chapter is about the siege of Nuln, which is the cumulation of all previous chapters.I also like how the King depicts the Shaven They are evil and cunning enough to induce great atrocities, but at

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    Second book of the series, this one, like the previous one, is strongly episodic in nature It has a stronger unifying theme than Trollslayer, that being the Skavens plotting to topple the city the main characters have taken residence in.The Skavens constitute a peculiar shift in the standard doom gloom tone of the Warhammer setting the are silly, paranoid and comically inadequate at organizing their plans.Sadly the book is ju

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    When I think of this book, the word Shit comes to mindWoah there fanboys, no need to bring out the torches, this has nothing to do with the quality of the book which is awesome but the profession of our two heroes at the beginning of the book They are sewer jacks, making sure that the canalization network below the city Nuln stays clean You know what else you find in sewers apart from the obvious Rats And some of them walk on tw

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    A fine book, but a bit disappointing after Trollslayer I think that s for two reasons first we see _much_ less of Gotrek This really is a story focused on Felix which is fine, but when several minor characters say and thinkduring the tale than the tale s dwarven co star I wasn t happy with the shift Second, the book is less an anthology anda cohesive whole Part of the charm, I found, in Trollslayer was the variety As each story sto

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